About this Blog

All my life, i have seen people rise up from next to nothing, amass wealth and power, grow businesses and turn these into large successful enterprises. I have seen heroes rise, men and women who were common folk like you and i, who chose to go against the norm, contrarians who defied the odd’s and made it to the top. These are the men and women who now epitomize the “dream.” Stories, turned legend are told of how they conquered their inner demons, and found serenity.The issue really is about how they got to that place, because the legend makes them seem almost unnatural, (supernatural), It hides the dirty and murky aspects of starting up. It dulls our fellows into believing that they can attain riches and wealth by sudden flight. Consequentially those who do attain it by this “sudden flight” do so by any and all, even unethical means, they gloat over their momentary success before it all comes crumbling down. they become the self fulfilling prophecy, of the upstart!

There has to be a more sustainable way of living the dream, and so in my relentless pursuit of this dream, i have and hope to continue stumbling on the ingredients, the tools, lessons and skills required to achieve my purpose. So this blog is about the journey, its about starting up. Its about learning through sharing, discovering what works through experience and retrospective learning. Its about looking back and around me in order to surge forward in the right direction.