Dreams of the Future exist in the NOW

So I finally graduated after having deferred studies while trying to balance school and entrepreneurial work. It has finally come to an end and it feels good to have ticked that box. #FistInTheAir. The one thing I especially love is the fact that I am graduating into a job that I started building in my very first year at college. Sure, it is after many challenges and failures and having to leave the very first company I built in order to work on The Village, but all the same, It’s a job that speaks to what I want to achieve in life, exploring purpose and finding fulfilment.

Takunda Chingonzoh
With my parents at the graduation ceremony.

My parents told me to go build a career. That included getting a degree, sure thing, but also figuring out what other career options were out there. I think that every student must at least try to chase down one rabbit hole in search of what is possible and what the limits of their present abilities are. Present because once you start to approach that limit, it creates this hunger to learn, to know more and most importantly, to apply acquired knowledge.

I sat there while we all got capped and got our send off into the “world” and realised that the “preparing for the future” talk is pure bull. The future isn’t some distant thing that we get years of life to prepare for. The future is now, it is what we make it, through the choices that we make on a daily basis. I woke up the day after graduation, not with a clean slate to say…now you can start living. Instead, I woke up to the sudden realisation that there was no “student – entrepreneur” to my work title ( just entrepreneur now 🙂 ). There was no lecture to rush off to or test to prepare for. There simply was a lot more time to live out the dreams that i had been incubating, dreams for the future, for the future was in that moment, and I chose to rise and meet my destiny.

Entrepreneurs Graduating Tatenda Mapfumo Takunda Chingonzoh
With Tatenda Mapfumo, founder of Tipster and StoryTeller at the TechVillage.

I go forth now, not with just a simple certificate, but a plethora of resources, and a network of human capital that I can leverage on to build the infrastructure and resources for entrepreneurs that make up the TechVillage. It is my dream that we have more and more students who choose to break out of the norm and use those precious four years to at least try to build something of value, a friend of mine calls it a “thing of beauty.” It is in doing so that we learn more about who we are, and what we truly are able to do. So learn, deviate and explore. Ask why and why not, and venture forth into your imagination, it is there that you will find yourself and escape the rat race that comes with adulting. Live long and prosper, yes Spock said it, and it is the Village way.

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Takunda Chingonzoh is the founder of The TechVillage, which is a collaborative working space for early stage entrepreneurs.


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