Jobs 2020: Africa’s rising youth

There has been a lot of talk about entrepreneurship, technology, startups and the role that each of these has in job creation on the continent. Africa as a continent is estimated to have ¹200 million people aged between 15 and 24 (the youth bracket), meaning that Africa has the youngest population in the world with trends indicating that this might double by 2045. The story of Africa’s ballooning youth bracket is more often told alongside the story of the continent’s fast and steady economic growth. This has created a narrative that sells dreams of Africa’s immense potential being unlocked by the young and creative, catalyzing exponential economic growth that undoubtedly will result in job creation. Now i am from a country where the economy has not been performing so well for the last decade, where companies have closed down and retrenched workers, a place where the state of the economy contradicts this glorified narrative of boundless opportunity. Is this growing youth bracket an opportunity or a ‘ticking time bomb?’

To help answer this question, I have the honor to be part of a ²panel of entrepreneurs and business leaders influencing economic growth regionally in East and West Africa. This webinar has been organized by General Electric Africa, Djembe Communications and the African Technology Foundation. The panel seeks to answer this and the following questions:

  1. Can African youth leverage their position as early adopters of technology to meet the demands of new job markets?
  2. Which sectors will generate the most jobs by 2020?
  3. How can youth in rural Africa build sustainable businesses in key sectors such as agriculture?

Join us as we explore the ins and outs of job creation and the role of entrepreneurship in driving opportunities for African youth. The Jobs 2020 Webinar will start on Thursday 9 June 2016 at 18:30 hrs CAT

Feel free to join the Jobs 2020 conversation and share your thoughts and opinions by asking the panelists questions.




Takunda Chingonzoh Written by:

Takunda Chingonzoh is the founder of The TechVillage, which is a collaborative working space for early stage entrepreneurs.


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