Lets talk about my journey

Sharing, yes it is caring, but its hard. Its hard in the sense that you have to make time for it, apart from doing everything else that you plan for every single day, lets not talk about all the other unexpected and unplanned things that hurtle your way all through the day. It’s difficult when you are not clear as to why you are doing it, who you are doing it for and what you hope to get out of it. Being an entrepreneur, or at least aspiring to be one takes almost all of your time and resources, its a journey filled with exciting and depressing unexpected occurrences, all in pursuit of the grand vision that seems to keep you up at night. Now imagine trying to do all that, whilst sharing it all with those around you. It’s a balancing act that only a few are really good at, I am not one of those people, evidently, because it has been a year since I blogged.

Why I started the Blog

I started this blog with one sole purpose, to inspire and educate others to take that bold step forward and pursue their dreams. I remember how it all felt like 4 years ago when I started this journey. I was perpetually confused and in need of some sort of guidance and direction. There just were no local stories to learn from, most of what I found online didn’t quite fit my uniquely African situation and the few stories that were there were by those who had already made it, who spoke of “persistence and perseverance” and quoted the great words of even more successful entrepreneurs. They made success feel like it was certain and set in stone and that if I just put enough effort that I would make it. This is why I have a love/hate relationship with motivational books/speakers.

My love/hate relationship with self-help motivational books.
My love/hate relationship with self-help books.

These forbearers left out all the stress, uncertainty, momentary failure and the multitude of emotions that come with this life, the little things that cumulatively would leave and have left an unforgettable impression on my life. So I resolved to share it all, to curate a “tell all” of my entrepreneurial life as I was living it.

…and then it happened

So, I had my why, my where, and I got to blogging, albeit not as often as I would have liked because as I said before, there just seems to be no time to do it all. In hindsight, i noticed how my content slowly became less personal and more politically correct. The people that I was writing for slowly started influencing what I would write about, I would hear their voices as I spewed out my opinion, and quietly began correcting it to something that I thought would resonate best with them. Little by little, I deviated from what I truly wanted to achieve with this blog. That, coupled with the ever-increasing workload and the growing sense of identity loss made blogging harder with each incremental article. It got to the point where instead of blogging I would write down blog post ideas and snippets all over the place. It was a mess.

Blog post ideas be like....
Blog post ideas be like…

It got worse

The unfortunate thing with this whole storytelling is that the ideas don’t ever stop. They keep coming, they kept coming and i just could not get myself ( or the time apparently) to flesh them out into articles. Check out my browser tab (it is hilarious!)

My "new tab" on Chrome
My “new tab” on Chrome

Clearly, this was not sustainable at all and the truth is that it took me a whole lot of time to really understand what the problem was and how I could work my way back to telling my story in the way that I wanted to. I even tried building an entire product to solve my supposed “I am too busy to blog” problem. The platform is called Scribes. (Check it out and let me know in the comments.) The interesting thing with Scribes is that I actually got a good number of people who were willing to pay for the service ( You have to love this startup life,) but that is a blog post for another day.

How i wished for this problem!
How I wished for this problem!

So what now?

To start with, I am no longer blogging for anyone in particular (for now.) I have no intentions of monetising this blog nor is it part of some larger intricate plan for world domination. I just want to tell my story and be able to read this in two years time and laugh at myself. Secondly, I am going to make my posts a whole lot shorter, that should help me to post more often about this #trep life. Finally, I am going to diversify my content so that I can blog about anything and everything I feel certain ways about. This should be exciting.

Storytelling is at the heart of every African I know. It is part of who we are and it should not be mistaken with this #ShareEverything social media craze that our generation is kind of obsessed with. It sort of reminds me of the War Boys in Mad Max: Fury Road, who would go out in “shiny and chrome shouting… “WITNESS ME!”

The challenge is…you don’t live and die and live again on social media, so stop living for it, there is no Valhalla out there…and rest of us on social media do just that. We “witness” you as you waste your time sharing every waking moment of your existence and as your life goes up in exploding flames… I feel like this is its own blog post as well. Sigh, there is just so much to say after being away for an entire year.

For those who do not want to watch those 42 seconds of video ( data is expensive ya’ll! I hear you.) I got you! Check out the image below.

Until next time….be better.

Lets talk about my journey
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Lets talk about my journey
An article about why I write on this blog and why I had stopped blogging for over a year, what i learned in that year and why i am back at it now
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Takunda Chingonzoh
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Takunda Chingonzoh is the founder of The TechVillage, which is a collaborative working space for early stage entrepreneurs.



  1. Vale
    March 3, 2018

    Its true we are constantly bombarded by the unexpected or that which is expected by everything around us, and it leaves us somewhat idk, good thing you realized it early.

    • March 4, 2018

      That is so true. I think the best thing to do is to understand why you want to do things, and just do those things for that reason alone. All else just becomes a “coincidental” benefit.

  2. March 7, 2018

    I have always liked your blog posts Takunda. I like the authenticity of your stories. I look forward to keep learning from your experiences.

  3. Martin
    March 8, 2018

    I think writing these blogs must be somewhat therapeutic for you. I say prioritise the blog posts and be more you. I miss your earlier blogs that really spoke to your truth (our truth as treps). Like you said, no one will tell our story the way we do. Looking forward to your next blog.

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