The Millennials


I have a dream! we all do right? maybe. But what is the dream? Is it the set of traditional social ideals such as equality, democracy, and material prosperity? (emphasis on material prosperity) For some, the dream is something along the lines of the immortalized speech of 1963 by Martin Luther King, that of equality, of freedom and prosperity, that people will not be judged by anything else other than the content of their character. So, what is the dream today? to be more specific, what is the African dream today?

Over the last few years, the dream that i have grown accustomed to is that of financial prosperity, that one day..yes one day, I will have it all, I will wake up and be surrounded by all the resources I want. That I will have my financial liberation, that one day I WILL BE FREE!! 10 years ago, this freedom was heavily rooted in an intense educational journey. My parents told me to go to school, get a degree, get a good job, then toil until, well…i die. Which was all well and fine ( back then.) but with the rise of the millennial, this route towards achieving the dream sort of no longer works for most of us, it’s just TOO LONG a journey.

We want success and prosperity, and we want it NOW! We want it NOW! 30 is the new 20, we want to have it all figured out by 30, we want our liberty and freedom NOW! The question though is how? It’s this question that has led to most of our entrepreneurial drive, our need to start out, and start up. We tend to follow those who have gone before us, who broke out and went all out and made it. These are the iconic leaders, visionaries, those whose character we admire and seek to epitomize, and we thank the heavens for these people.

Then there are the upstarts, who by definition are people who have risen suddenly to wealth or high position. They started for the bottom now they are here , they have “ARRIVED” and everyone must know!! We the millennials are slowly turning into them, into arrogant upstarts. Our connectedness has become a source of our pride, how we want to publicize our every success and forever gloat over it. Our journey towards financial liberty and freedom, is now all for the wrong reasons, it is driven by greed, and because of this, we start-up, take off then crash and burn!! Now there are a lot of assumptions here, fair and fine, that is the whole point. Lets unravel the millennial, and redefine the upstart!


Takunda Chingonzoh Written by:

Takunda Chingonzoh is the founder of The TechVillage, which is a collaborative working space for early stage entrepreneurs.


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